Where Obama Puts BusinessMaster of taking a tiny kernel of truth and growing it into a noxious weed patch, Mr Know-It-All About Business, yet again, bashes the business engine that has made America great.  In a speech to supporters, Obama suggested business owners owe their success to everybody and everything else except themselves. 

He said, “You didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.”

Cleverly weaving in veiled Marxist ideology, this President continues to make good on his promise to fundamentally change this country into something the Founders would not recognize.  Just as recent tyrants in history demonized banks, businesses, and those who are diligent at accomplishing productive objectives, he seems set on destroying it all.  His trademark mask hides a dark purpose behind a glinting smile.  That purpose appears to be the total annihilation of a Founder intended free market with a one-size-fits-none father state economy that is either imperialistic, communistic, or caliphate.  One only need harken back to those recent tyrants to see that many fools embraced them as grandfatherly (Stalin) or savior (Hitler), both of whom kissed babies while crushing entrepreneurs and committing their citizens to death panels.

But, wait.  Let's give this upstart community organizer the benefit of the doubt.  After all, was he not correct to draw attention to the Founders who risked everything to give birth to a representative republic that encourages pursuit of [entrepreneurial] happiness?  Is it not true that working millions, funded by tax payer money redistributed by government, have constructed an amazingly functional infrastructure?  Have not all of us and much of the world, for that matter, enjoyed the protection of the finest military the world has ever known?  We have water and sewer systems, garbage and recycling service, more often than not private crony monopolies funded by — you guessed it — tax payer money redistributed by government and subsidized by kickbacks to political insiders in the private sector (add in the UN and other nations for good measure).  No doubt any dyed in the wool Obama worshiper could add to this list ad nausea.  So, we business types are being very arrogant to claim that we had anything to do with the creation of, and success or failure of the businesses we own and operate.  Correct?

Let's see.  In school, we future business demons expended massive amounts of energy and days of our lives to assimilate knowledge for success.  It was a valley we had to walk ourselves.  Nobody else could walk it for us.  Yes, the school exists because others did the same thing ahead of us.  But all the same, we acquired our knowledge into our own brains using our own initiative, resources, sweat, determination, and ambition. 

Our businesses were born out of those same brains with ideas, dreams, intelligence, and cognition emanating from our personal unalienable sovereign persons.  Our businesses were launched with many days of our lives and, often, very little investment money.  Many of us risked all of what we had, financial savings, the equity in our homes, being in debt.  We knocked on doors to make sales.  We honed our skills at being able to successfully meet objections.  We analyzed the ebb and flow of our revenues and costs.  We sought out markets wherever we could find them (domestic & foreign).  We engineered faster ways to deliver at lower cost so that customers could enjoy low prices.  We discovered market demand and invented products to fill that demand.  We navigated our way around threatening problems with better alternatives.  We sat up late into the night keeping our accounting up to date and budgeting so that we wouldn't drive our businesses into a big debt hole like the one the United States government has dug, the same government that keeps trying to bankrupt us so it can pay off its bankrupt behavior.

So how dare you, Obama?  How dare you, as our president, attack us, insult us, try to turn those who are innocently illiterate about business against us?  And, by so doing you're Goebbels style propaganda will destroy the very same innocent you so brazenly deceive to woo.  You ask us to love you even as you stab us all in the back with a two edged sword – one side sparkling, the other dripping with the symbolic blood of American free enterprise.

Consider this.  Where do you get all that tax revenue?  From the businesses we built.  Where do you get the resources to hire a bunch of public sector workers who produce nothing while sucking the country dry?  You get it by stealing from our businesses and our private sector employees who diligently produce real product that buyers want?  Where did you get all that science and technology the government and military uses?  Enterprising entrepreneurs made it possible. 

So allow me to paraphrase your claim, Mr. President.  If you've got a government, you didn't build it.  We, the people with our votes and our free enterprising businesses made it happen.  You heard us right.  If it weren't for us, you wouldn't be Jack right now.  You're only claim is that you organized people to produce nothing but a fiscal disaster and political nightmare.  Our claim is that we are the backbone of America.  We are that which makes it tick.  We create the wealth.  We fund the military.  We fund the infrastructure.  We fund the welfare.  We fund the education.  We fund the health care.  We fund the world markets.  We fund your presidency, your minions and czaristas, your excessive regulations, out of control bureaucracies, ersatz people's business bus tours ala re-election campaigning, and on and on and on.  You haven't built anything yet except waste and abuse of power and we don't like it.  We don't like it at all.

And so, we the people, including many small business persons with their valued employees across the nation, are putting you on notice.  Because you haven't built anything that will contribute to robust economic growth, we are giving you your pink slip.  Come November, 2012, you're fired.  You're outta’ there.  Take a hike.  Beat it.

Who are we to say that?

We are the somebody else who have, are, and will continue to make America happen.  This is our America.  It is the American Idea that we love — not a President, not a government.  That is why we have the right to tell you these things and to give you your walking papers.  It is because we are the people, with our nurturing commerce, pursuing the American Dream, who make things happen for everybody — We Are America.

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