I try to write a short poem or prose frequently and post it on Twitter, mentioning @KathysPledge and #dailypledge where folks are kind enough to mention, RT or ignore.  This is all of them, I think.

You may quote for non-commercial puposes as long as you give credit as follows:  <verse> - G. Hancks

  • Panorama scuds along yon wall,
         traipsing nowhere, treading time,
         trolling for contents in the room.
    The turkey grease slimed onto the table cloth
         then back onto the sleeve
         of the turkey in the white house.
  • Bill be the ape who uses its name
         to crucify others, to hatefully shame,
         defame, blame and maher.
  • Come hither broom swiftly and sweep clean the halls
         of rule by corruption and legal crime law.
  • Panorama scuds along yon wall,
         traipsing nowhere,
         treading time,
         trolling for contents in the room.
  • Shallow and Sorrow joined in the game
         where Congress Casino
         met out their pain.
  • Imagination lost.
    Lazy and soft.
    So says the foolish Wiseling in Chief,
         ignorant mind unsheathed.
  • Nimble suits and ties
    suit not thou clumsy glower
    of fancied anarchy for power,
         bitter and sour.
  • Hope’s similtude sauntered aimlessly
    betwixt souls scurrilously seeking Sanity’s answer
         with chains of change.
  • Swollen fear knows not portends insecution
    against the wane of constitutional glory
    for incest with ignominy.
  • Gloria Airhead puffed up for press,
         wore ugly pants, never a dress,
         shingle hung out, “Misery for Less.”
  • Just one big thought, but they cannot,
         with minds sautéed in Marxist pot.
  • Shadow box, off your backlight.
    Raise murky sheet that right might be bright.
  • The candidate’s coolness tickled up Matthew’s leg.
    Has this sexism thing turned into a plague?
  • There is a cliff in time where all must stand
        and choose a lunge toward death
              or soaring flight.
  • Inside Gloria Airhead’s monstrous mouth
         can be spied innocence fried.
  • Sickly sour innuendos used to devour
    and snatch from jaws of Victory before it can overcome.
  • Came cry come see come see look at me.
    Did they three times for naught
         see truth but hence from lie did flee.
  • Simple minds of thoughts unproven,
         “ditzildorfs’ not cool, not groovin’,
         out of date with today’s non-melody.
  • Imagination, quite by chance,
         sat on ‘lectric pin to spark a bloom,
         ideas locked away from crushers.
  • (sing it) Nana nana nana playground noise.
    Nanny nanny nanny government noise.
    Bamma bamma bamma dictator joys.
  • Sinkhole swallow up offending screams
         and cover up their weed seeds
              ere they spread.
  • A joke hopped on a big black bus
         to drive around behind Congress
         and cut the Founder’s strings.
  • Saul alinsky for, not friend.
    Hatchet man Rove opponents will bend.
         Non-elite to Hell will send.
  • Lil’ Tweet, Lil’ Tweet, where have you been?
    “Floating midst millions of opinions out there.”
  • Extreme Left be right.
    Extreme Right be left.
    Yet never the twain shall meet.
  • Hands in the air.
    Pants on the ground.
    Sex in the tents.
    Hatred abounds
         with Jihadist sound.
  • Hitch your wagons to our Death Valley train.
    Bring no food.  Expect no rain.
    A journey for politically insane.
  • Ineptly Stupid,
         nothing to do with Cupid,
              everything to do
              with prudently politically inane.
  • BO, BO,
         to #Occupy we go,
              to be your slaves,
                   your little knaves,
         BO, BO. Ho. Ho... (whistle)
  • Oily steam rising, hot cup-o-Qaddafi,
         dour lumpy ratings,
         creamy hypocrisy,
         MSM stirs self-righteously.
  • Lil’ Tweet, Lil’ Tweet, have you been heard?
    “I am not certain, but the din’s worth repeating.”
  • I am the mob,
       confused swirls of thought,
         mellow I’m not.
  • I am the mob. I have not a job,
    just plenty of hate on my plate.
  • Regulation sang a song,
         a very sour note,
         while Flea Bag Mob toked on its bong
              and then forgot to vote.
  • Squalor Park yon pig dogs barking,
         at mirage like commies sharking,
         all a wallowing in filthy ignorance.
  • To Congress, to Congress,
              to threaten and point.
         STOP! Mr. President,
              go smoke a joint.
  • Protest mobs diddle,
         as hard workers fiddle,
              a tune of profit success,
         while the mob wonders why it has less.
  • Aeolian tea mellifluously ringing.
    A-holian mob feloniously dinging.
         Hum Ding
              Hum Dink.
  • One turd says to the other.
         “This Occupy mob smells fine.
         They must be full of a lot of shit.
         How bout a little more lime?
  • Iran ban to fan a plan to kick a can back to Iran.
  • Why so much hate denying debate,
         closed tight in mind,
         protest and grind,
         one dram of security pray you will find.
  • Old Ron Paul was a cranky old soul,
         cranky old soul was he.
    He called for an end to war and the Fed,
         then promptly scurried off to bed.
  • Huntsman, oh Huntsman, where did’st thou go?
    “Over here on the left where I’m needing you so.”
  • Another great debate.
    An ever narrowing slate,
         while POTUS stirs his mess,
         that guarantees his fate.
  • I think I’ll run round Congress
         flipping them my bird.
    To claim I’ll never Dictate
         is scoffing the absurd.
  • Beware useful fools ere history repeats,
         betrayed by its liars,
         destroyed by cloaked cheats.
  • His Big Distraction went into action
         to help his colluders perpetrate wrong.
  • Half track broken records
         spinning out their pain,
              click and scratch
              and pop a lot,
         yet seem a bit insane.
  • Borge pooping on cruisers, living dead cloned
         no brains to wash,
         locked in the mindless arms of Labor and cult behavior.
  • Above the din of Twitterville rings
         a Melody, Pledge, Michellian Wit,
    that makes loons fume
         and spit a bit.
  • If in his place Steve’s grave had swallowed Soro’s face,
    the world would have erupted in song.
  • Ampumph, I am your dictator.
    Swagger and swell and I.
    Give me all your money whilst I poke you in the eye -- slave.
  • Francis Scott Piven; Francis Scott Key
         he penned about freedom,
         as she sneezed contrastingly.
  • Obama walks on water.
    He even tickles legs.
    Today he made an omelet
         using dirt and rotten eggs.
  • Are you excited?  Bet you cannot wait. 
    The President’s about to speak ----- AGAIN?  Sheesh!
  • Jobs, a Capitalist the whole world mourns and cheers,
         without the two,
         there would not be
              the pod and pad I fear.  RIP Steve
  • I hated my computer.
    Its blue screen was pure grief.
    But Steve Jobs solved our problem
         and gave the world relief.  RIP
  • Piven was driven to livin
         deep in the depths of Hell,
         to be surrounded
              by those who love her
              and deem their doom so swell.
  • Layed back tweets and tweets so formal,
         what they all have in common
         is none of them are normal.
  • Mob and Rule collided,
         knew not which was who,
         as Piven gazed on gaily
              at the hateful few.
  • They watered the weeds on the Wall Street pavement, then wondered why they wouldn't grow.
  • To shout political chaos in nature's defense
         whilst choosing a concrete jungle death,
         enslaves nature itself?
  • He fell in love with his ideas, the ones that fell down dead.
    Surprised was he for he'd not thought to dread.
  • Moralistic Marxists turning green with envy, crumble unnoticed into dust.
  • Whoopdeedoo-fiddledeedee, yelped the folks with glee.
    A traitor lay in tiny bits no longer trying to flee.
  • Bake a cake of politics frosted over with lies.
    When the people take a bite,
          its flavor they'll despise.
  • San-ta Clause is com-ing town and it-- AIN'T__  Ba-rach__ Obama."
  • When political games sit down to play
         they pick human pieces to move,
         then blow on media for luck."
  • Somebody tell the POTUS
         the camera isn't on.
    Please tell the POTUS
         his people no longer fawn.
  • Please, give me money?
    I need it for my campaign.
    Those loyal hope and changers
         are really starting to wane."
  • 1 friend on left, 1 friend on right,
         in shadow or in light,
              who banter on into the night,
         who knows which 1 is bright?
  • A cloud in the crowd rains in their pockets chilly wettness of debt.
    Like sheep they wonder not how nor why.




Doomsday 1917 The destruction of Russia’s ruling class by Douglas Brown, 1975, G. P. Putnams Sons, SBN: 399-11615-X (out of print but some used copies floating around) This history reveals many trends that closely parallel what the world, and the United States, are going through in 2011.  Experience Occupy Wall Street totalitarianism in history.

A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich - The only English translation authorized by the Nobel prize winner, by Aleksandr Solzhenitsy, 1962

The terrifying story of an almost unbelievable man-made hell--the Soviet work camps--and of one man's heroic struggle to survive in the face of the most determined efforts to destroy him--a scathing indictment of Communist tyranny that has shaken the whole Soviet world.  A historical warning of here Occupy Wall Street, progressivism, World Socialist Party, and Communist Party USA would and could take America.

Thank you for clicking my book links to purchase a book.  It helps me afford to publish this content.  Oh No! Does this make me a Capitalistic Pig?

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