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netobjects-236~sr_8463A most popular dish ladled up over millennia, served frozen cold, or simmering, and boiling over!  Its popularity has been known to wax and wane.  It has nourished.  It has poisoned.  It has been blessed and cursed, forcibly spoon fed, deceitfully doled out in dollops carefully measured, or kept cool for consumption during more propitious times.  It is never a delicacy yet many crave its bitterness as a daily dessert.

Hate has been served up since time immemorial.  We’ve each tasted the chill of cold calculating hate lumping down our throat.  We’ve smelled its slow simmering and heard the sizzle of hate under extreme pressure, contained only by a lid of human restraint.  When served up, Hate-On-A-Plate tempts or repels with smells of rejuvenating or repugnant ideas, and does not harm as long as it goes from the plate into the stomach.

But when hate, under the tyranny of a faulty exploding social justice pressure cooker, is hurled through space it ceases to be hateful ideas.  It becomes something else entirely that we call by a variety of names:  assault, battery, disenfranchisement, slavery, control, murder, rape, extortion, bullying, torture, terrorizing, and war.  All of these actions are crimes against mankind’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

The thoughts and expressions of hate that preceded these acts are not crimes.

If you have ever been a victim of a crime, did you not hate it?  If you were the recipient of one of these kind of crimes at the hands of a government, wouldn’t you hate what that government did to you?  If a business purposefully acts to defraud you, isn’t that hateful?  If some influential group promotes that you should be hated would you not at least dislike that in return?  Things like predatory lawsuits, injury or death caused by a drunk, incurable disease, Brussels sprouts, engine failure, are things we can justifiably hate.  Lots of people hate what main stream media’s iterative act of failing to report things honestly.  Did you ever wish for Osama Bin Laden to be killed because you hated his act of terrorism?  You see?  When you hate these things in your head and express that hatred verbally or in print, it remains only Hate-On-A-Plate.  You can eat it and get something good from it.  It does not abrogate anyone’s God given rights.  You did not kill Bin Laden even if you wished him dead.   

Inside every human being is a metaphorical freezer, a pan, a kettle, a pressure cooker where we stir up behavior with the ingredients of our natural emotions.  Hate and love are two of these.  They add reactive seasoning to our attitudes toward external stimuli and ideologies both indigenous and foreign to our own.  For instance, we love to hate, even cheering the demise of the evil characters in a fictional story or video game.  Americans hate 9/11 while radical Islamists love it.  The gay community hates those who block their wish to marry while labeling their opposition haters.  Right-to-lifers hate the act of what they consider to be the murder of innocent children while pro-abortion advocates hate all right-to-lifers.  Racists love to hate anyone they decide is as racist and the recipients of that hate in turn hate racism’s very existence. 

Up to this point in our discussion, hate, in and of itself, is contained, be it cold, simmering, boiling, or under pressure.  It is served up on a plate in a variety of presentations.  But note it is still Hate-On-A-Plate.  It starts as an attitude and complex set of emotions inside a person’s head.  These are often expressed verbally, in a painting, video, blog, petition, a proposed law, a Bill Maher joke, a Limbaugh metaphor, or an Obama blame game talking point.  It is not yet exploded.  It is contained within the confines of ideas, ideas that are the God given right of every human being in existence to possess and express.  Hate in this state is never a crime.  It may appear ugly to some and justified to others.  But it is not a hate crime.

Crime occurs only when one entity impinges on the God given rights of another entity via an action.  Our American Idea that every person comes into existence possessing the unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, makes it easy to discriminate hate from actual crime. 

So what about hate crimes?  Do they exist or are they a mental fabrication proposing that ideas and thoughts inside a person’s head are so bad they should be punished by the state or mob action.  Is it justifiable to attempt to take away a person’s God given rights because of what they think?  Is it a crime for persons, activist groups, or governments, who feel like they’ve been insulted to imply that the insulter is a criminal?  After all, they just insulted the insulter.  Good grief.  Of course it isn’t a crime.  It is free thinking and free speech as guaranteed by The American Idea

But when a person, religious political group, democratic or representative government, or dictator acts to create a law that punishes the free expression of thought, a crime has then been committed by them.  Such bad laws are of themselves the worst kind of crime.  One and a quarter million Americans have fought and died to free us from this very kind of King George tyranny and all threats to our freedom to this day.  Their hatred of that tyranny was their Hate-On-A-Plate until the pressure cooker of their tolerance exploded and they took justifiable action to free themselves, and the world, from such tyranny.  The Crown hated their ideas and tried to punish them for it.  Hitler hated those ideas and tried to crush anyone brave enough to let their ideas be known.  Communists, Progressives, the United Nations, and Islam hate those ideas and, to this very moment, are working hard to destroy them.  They don’t believe in The American Idea.  They truly believe that each individual is not sovereign nor do they derive their rights from God.  They wish to replace The American Idea with a repression where some men loan limited rights to other men so they can repossess those rights whenever it serves their hateful purposes.  This includes denial of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  This kind of behavior, my readers, this kind of action, is the highest type of crime against all humanity.

It is wrongly channeled hatred that utterly fails to recognize the rights of others.  It is dangerous hatred that distorts human rights into altruist pseudo-morality in order to exert oppression on anyone expressing a hatred for such oppression.  It is evil hatred that becomes an act of lying to the ignorant masses in order to crush The American Idea.  It is feverish hatred that acts to impose a man-made ideology onto any other free sovereign individual who may present a plate piled with hate but who never tries to make anyone else eat it.  These are unmitigated assaults totally devoid of tolerance.  Any and all claims to morality from these instigator haters are without merit.  Their only objective is to blame someone else to hide their true intentions of enslaving others to achieve their own aggrandizement.  That is when a hateful idea changes from thought into a criminal act committed by misguided folks who are exhibiting a love of hatred, a most pernicious and often fatal fanaticism.

Liberty haters often seem to be dysfunctional.  They wear their feelings out on their sleeves.  They refuse to own those feelings choosing, rather, to blame others as some religions and politicians habitually do.  Their remedy is always stomping on The American Idea.  Recently this example has risen in the public eye with the criminal act of assassinating our Libyan ambassador, murder of other Americans, and invasion of American soil.  The Islamists who committed these crimes blamed it on being offended.  They complained, “so and so offended me by denigrating my prophet.”  This same kind of complaint could also be expressed by a Catholic over a saint or the Pope being dissed, or ridicule of a person considered by Mormons or Seventh Day Adventists to be a prophet, or how about Jehovah’s Witnesses and Jews.  All of these entities face denigration every day.  At this point in history, however, Islamists seem to be the most easily offended along with a parade of Progressive pseudo-followers cowering like a bunch of slaves keeping a respectable distance to the rear.  They are the ones who are offended.  They have chosen, decided to be offended.  They have chosen the exploding pressure cooker over the peaceful plate.  They’ve moved beyond hatred to assassination, demolition, terrorism and nuclear weapons, thus choosing to become criminals.  The video denigrator did nothing to take away anyone’s rights.  Islamists are born with the same unalienable rights, including the right to hate the denigrator.  But neither party was born with the right to punish or enslave others for any expression of free thought.

THE AMERICAN IDEA:  Life – Liberty – The Pursuit of Happiness.  These rights belong to every man, woman, and child, including unborn infants.  We own them.  They are ours.  They are unalienable.  No man, no government, no religious entity, no corporation can take those rights away, though they continually try.  Step on any of those rights and an intolerable crime has been committed, a crime well worthy hating, a crime against nature and God, the giver of those rights.  It is critical that patriotic individuals throughout the world find inner peace within their self, the kind of value committed tranquility that stems the rise of easy offense.  Such a state of mind promotes the greatest tolerance.  Remember, we each own and control our own attitudes and emotional reactions.  We each own our own conclusions.  Be they loving or be they hateful, go ahead and openly express them with others underneath, and guided by, the precious umbrella of The American Idea.  This greatest of ideas keeps Hate-On-A-Plate and can bring peace to the darkest corners of the world.

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