The Teleprompterator VS. The Hermanator

(Note to Leftys:  You are going to hate me early on into the blog.  Go ahead.  I say it the way I see it, without any endorsement from Obama or Cain or any PAC or OccupyWallStreet nor the Tea Party.  This is me.  You are welcome to bash me all you like on Twitter.  Just know I call my Twitter bashers Twinks.)

Barack Obama would crash and burn in an oration contest with Herman Cain.

“That’s absurd, Hancks,” you fire back at me.  “Obama is a great orator who has inspired millions.”

Correct.  He has inspired millions with his ghost written campaign orations read from a teleprompter.  In other words, he is a pretty good oral interpreter.  As a TV producer I have had numerous opportunities to employ actors who are highly skilled at using a teleprompter.  The audience never knows.  But with Obama we always know as he displays his trademark RR Xing head movement, seldom looking straight at the camera to connect with the viewing audience.

Contrast that with Herman Cain’s oratorical style.  He connects personally with his audience by looking them in the eye, both the event audience AND the media viewing audience . 

Teleprompternator VS HermanatorObama inspired people with hope and change promises, but as things have gone down the toilet, he has resorted to looking at the people with an angry, stern parenting face.  That countenance chortles, bashes, blames, and attacks the very people he is supposed to serve.  Like another historical figure who yelled at huge crowds of blind countrymen, he incites mobs to riot, then asks for our love, then demands what HE wants NOW just like a tantrum fitted child would do.  Then he has the gall to admonish us to get up off our collective lazy butts for HIM.  Over time, this oratory has deteriorated into a desperate self-centered rhetoric that is hell bent on pumping up his dwindling base to “run the Republicans out of town.”

Cain, on the other hand, inspires people with oratory that is concise, to the point, and accompanied by a genuine smile.  He is able to look his audience in the eye because he is telling the truth that emanates from deep within his heart.  If he incites anything, it is the passion inside us all to defend and protect our nation from domestic enemies.  Why?  To produce a power that can oppress others?  No. It is so that Herman Cain, and all of his fellow Americans don’t have to sadly say to their grandchildren, a few years from now, “this is what freedom used to look like.”

Where Obama’s oratory is all about lying to grasp the power to enslave us all, Cain’s oratory is all about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by empowering ALL Americans to be able to achieve.  While Obama’s oratory seeks to move us to hang our heads in collective shame and relinquish our sovereignty, Cain’s freedom through strength oratory seeks to put “united” back into the United States of America.  Where Obama oratory seeks to stir up a stink, Cain’s inspires us with renewed resolve that we can, indeed, push that Golden City back up to the top of the mountain where it once proudly stood.

Obama oratory no longer keeps his audiences engaged.  Instead, they fall asleep, as we have observed over and over, amongst the hand-picked cluster of useful idiots dozing behind him.  Even the VP conks out.  Cain oratory, on the other hand, brings people to their feet.

Last but not least, Obama’s oratory is often peppered with grammatical errors and redundancies.  A well educated person will catch and correct grammatical and factual errors in a teleprompter script as it rolls up the monitor.  Do you ever wonder why we aren’t allowed to see Obama’s educational records?  Maybe he is ashamed of them?  Maybe his grades suck? 

While Cain is as human and prone to err as Obama, or any of us, I have not heard him castrate the English language.  His non-teleprompter delivery is eloquent, well constructed.  His timing is perfect, unlike the rapid fire, festering flood of redundant rhetoric Obama style.  He uses few words compared to the incessant blathering that has become Obama’s everyday – oh no, not another speech - trademark.

These are my reasons for predicting that Obama will “bomb” from the first to the last debate with Cain.  And they will debate because Herman Cain says he is on a “journey to the White House.”  Who is the greater orator?  Hands down, it’s The Herman Cain.


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