Black & White People Do Not Exist

skin color on whiteWhite Supremacist, Black Caucus, red man, yellow, false labels all. 

Dividing the human race into color slices  has been society's biggest error for millennia.  It has spawned so much evil, so much division, zero love.  Oh, it has served the world's manipulators and hate mongers well as a tool for destroying whole nations.  Hundreds of millions of murders have been rationalized by it.  Inhumanity of man to man has been repeatedly demonstrated by it.  Diversity, Multiculturalism, Imperialism, Partisan-ism, and Cultural-ism – all have been rendered into fat for power brokers to use for sucking up any goodness found so it can be ground into hate and persistent gross ignorance.

As we wend our way through the labyrinth of a 2012 election campaign this color division has been repeatedly rearing its ugly head as racism.  Anything and everything seems to qualify for the term.  In an effort to rout such man made nonsense I conducted an experiment, not exactly scientific, but carefully.

The experiment sets about to prove there is no such thing as a black man.  That's right, nor a white man, nor red, nor yellow.  It demonstrats, like it or not, that all human beings are the color brown.  Good ole earth brown.  After all we originate from dust and return to dust, so why wouldn't this make sense?  This experiment will show that we are all some shade of brown from very very light brown to very very dark brown.  Add to that, that we all have red blood and pee some shade of yellow.  Doesn't that make us all kin?  I might have lily light brown legs and you a chocolatey tan, but we are still kin.  If we are family we should love one another, not hate.  If we are family we will love and embrace all shades of brown.   If we are family we will not allow some big honkin’ government to butt in on our sacred, private, human family’s business, right?  We will resist any attempt to twist our society into a knotted bigoted pretzel.

Now for the pseudo-science.  First, I searched the Internet for portraits of a variety of persons of differing so called race colors.  Photos were carefully chosen that appeared to be properly lit and white balanced (no pun intended) and with areas of skin that were most likely devoid of makeup.  Graphic “biopsies” were copied from each photo and placed on Figure 1.  Slices were taken from Sarah Palin, an American Indian, India Indian, Barack and Michelle Obama, Herman Cain, Lady Gaga, the Japanese Emperor, Ann Coulter, and several others, including an albino and Congolese (complete list bottom of page).  These slices are the square samples around the outside edge of Fig 1.  In the center are four brown squares.  Square 2 is pure brown.  Square 1 is the same as 2 but with less luminance.  Square 4 is brown plus a lot of luminance.  Square 3 is brown plus 50% luminance and a 10% bump up in red.  The four squares, which span a little beyond the dark and light of all the “biopsy slices” are provided for a visual comparison (see RGB table bottom of page).  For further comparison Figure 1 is slices over a white field and Figure 2 over a black field.  Figure 3 duplicates Figure 2 only with the slice luminance reduced to 10% as in a very dark room.  Figures 4 and 5 reduce everything to a grey scale as in a lit room (over white and black field) and Figure 6 grey scale with slice luminance at 10%.

skin color on white Which one is Herman Cain?
Figure 1:  Skin slices at full light over a white field
skin color on black 100% light Which one is Michelle Obama?
Figure 2:  Skin slices at full light over a black field
skin color on black 10% light Which one is Ann Coulter?
Figure 3:  Skin slices in color when the lights are down low.
skin color grey scale on white Which one an Native American?
Figure 4:  Skin slices at full light reduced to grey scale over white field
skin color grey scale on black 100% light Which one is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?
Figure 5:  Skin slices at full light reduced to grey scale over black field.
skin color grey scale on black 10% light Which one is Janeane Garofalo?
Figure 6:  Skin slices at full light reduced to grey scale with the lights turned down low.

If you are color blind the grey scale tells the story.  No human being is white nor totally black.  After all pure white is the presence of all colors and pure black is the absence of all light.  If you can see color it is obvious beyond a doubt a black or white person is impossible.  If the RGB light spectrum is consulted we see all human skin has red.  There goes the red man theory.  Dark brown people have way less red than light brown. Go figure.  Same for green.  The only discrepancy is blue.  Very dark brown people have no blue whilst very light brown people have lots of blue.  Similar results can be expected for the pigment color spectrum.  Figure 7 shows there is one state of existence where we are ALL black as night.  We are all black when the room is totally dark.

skin color in room with no light The only time a black person exists.
Figure 7:  What we all look like in a darkroom with the red light off.

In conclusion, by the charts one can see we really are all some shade of brown and to call anyone black or white is utterly absurd.  Furthermore, the range of shades is much less than one might expect.   Hence there is no room for calling someone racist.  Culturalist  or hater maybe.  But not racist.  If we are all earth brown, how can racism be possible?

Note:  I am certain this blog will stir up a stink.  So be it.  I thought this was a concept worth discussion, but then I may be the only person on the planet who thinks so.  

RGB Values Squares 1, 2, 3, 4




Dark Brown








Red Brown




very Light Brown




WHO DOES EACH SKIN SLICE BELONG TO?  The “biopsied” skin slices belong to the following persons, starting in the upper left hand corner going clockwise.  You are going to be quite surprised:

  • Ann Coulter (bet you were wrong on this one)
  • Romney
  • Alan Keys
  • Albino woman (not what you’d think)
  • Barack Obama (ehhhh.  You missed it, didn’t you?)
  • Bill Maher (not so bright is he?)
  • President Calderon
  • Congo President (from the darkest of Africa and you missed it)
  • Denzel Washington
  • Herman Cain (got this one right, didn’t you?)
  • Hugo Chavez
  • Vietnamese Woman
  • India Prime Minister
  • Janeane Garofalo
  • Japanese Emporer
  • John Kerry
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  • Lady Gaga (ha ha)
  • Maxine Waters
  • Michelle Obama
  • Megyn Kelly (beautiful brown)
  • Michelle Maulkin (beautiful brown)
  • Mubarak
  • Sarah Palin (OK, you got one right)
  • Native American
  • Norwegian Prime Minister


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