skin color on black 100% lightBlack & White People Do Not Exist
White Supremacist, Black Caucus, red man, yellow, false labels all.  Dividing the human race into color slices has been society's biggest error for millennia.  It has spawned...

Sneak Attack, An Acid SatireSneak Attack, An Acid Satire
Be it 1861, 1941, 94 2001, death and chaos ruled each moment which lay years of hate driven planning.  Militant attacks....

Obama debate with Herman CainThe Teleprompterator Vs. The Hermanator held over by popular demand - Barack Obama would crash and burn in an oration contest with Herman Cain.  “That’s absured, Hancks,” you fire back at me.  “Obama is a great orator who has inspired millions.”  Correct.  He has inspired...

Little Red Rooster Who DidThe Little Red Rooster Who Did
Once upon a time there was a Little Red Rooster, who scratched about and uncovered some grains of wheat.  He called his barnyard neighbors...

Where Obama Puts BusinessHow Dare You, Barack Obama!
Master of taking a tiny kernel of truth and growing it into a noxious weed patch, Mr Know-It-All About Business, yet again, bashes the business engine....

Carefully worded ramblings guaranteed to amuse, amaze, antagonize, and activate you to cheer or get really ticked off.  Either way I will be satisfied and you can go wherever you want.

Poems, prose, short Twitter shticks passed on by @KathysPledge, and other poignant word smithing.  Feel free to reprint as long as you give Hancks his due byline.

Who is this turkey who claims to know stuff?  You’ll never know if you don’t read his stuff


  • Oh Roberts, sir, you’ve run amuck
         the people’s freedom, very stuck
              in a place called Out of Luck.
  • The turkey grease slimed onto the table cloth
    then back onto the sleeve of the turkey in the white house.
  • Bill be the ape who uses its name
         to crucify others, to hatefully shame,
         defame, blame and Maher.
  • Come hither broom swiftly and sweep clean the halls
    of rule by corruption and legal crime law.

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George Hancks is back after several years of absence as a popular newspaper columnist.  Visit him at his social media sites for discussion of political and economic things that matter to all artistic, eccentric, and freedom loving persons.  Share your thoughts with him there.

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A common sense, slightly right, American centrist who can make you laugh, squeeze a tear from your eye, turn your face beet red, and generally mess with your established ideology.